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Traditional music from around the world.

Mohammad Sahraei

Mohammad, who came to Halifax, NS in 2017, is a musician and ethnomusicologist originally from Iran, where he graduated with a BA in Music and an MA in Ethnomusicology, as well as an accounting degree and an MBA. He is a multi-instrumentalist (Tar, Setar, Dotar, Daff and Robab) and his composition and performance are focused on the music of Middle East and Central Asia.


      Saeed Foroughi

      Saeed Foroughi is a well-known Canadian multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer. Saeed is conductor of Rumi ensemble and Celtic meditation in Halifax. He plays Classical and Irish flute, Celtic harp, Santur (Hammered Dulcimer) and Setar. Following his graduation from Trinity College of London, he was principal flutist for Portuguese Symphony. (more…)

          Yiqun Zhao

          Yiqun Zhao was born in China and has lived in Halifax for years. Yiqun started to learn Erhu in China in 1997. The Erhu is a Chinese traditional bowed string instrument, which has a human-like voice that carries and displays emotion well. (more…)