Standard Time

Standard Time

Standard Time performs as a trio with some of the best string bassists in the Maritimes. These seasoned musicians bring a wealth of experience to their music and, singly, they have played all over the globe under the jazz, big band, musical theatre, country, folk, world music and classical umbrellas.

Standard Time offers some of the best in nostalgic and romantic jazz standards from The great American Songbook peppered with the lyrical fusion of samba and jazz (bossa nova).

Suitable for night clubs, cabaret, restaurants, dinner theatre, corporate functions, weddings and private parties.

Guitarist, sound engineer and producer, Georges Hebert, began playing guitar in the early 60s, influenced by Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Barney Kessel and Charlie Byrd amongst others. He is perhaps best known for his work and tours with Anne Murray (he was her personal guitarist for many years). Georges has performed, in the Maritimes, with the Brunswick Playboys, Frank’s Bandstand and Sing-a-Long Jubilee, Denny Doherty, Marg Osbourne, The John Allan Cameron Show, the Sunshine Hour and Coming up Country.

In Toronto, Georges was lead guitarist with Ian Tyson’s Great Speckled Bird.  He has been featured on several television shows including appearances on The Johnny Carson show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Boston Pops and BBC-TV as well as television programs in Germany and Holland. Georges has played with the who’s who of show business all over the globe including celebrities such as Moe Koffman, Gene MacLellan, Dusty Springfield, The Mamas and the Papas, Dionne Warwick, Vera Lynn, Shirley Eikhard, Rita MacNeil, The Rankins, Julio Iglesias, Brian Adams, Dutch Mason, The Mercey Brothers, J.P. Cormier and Roger Whittaker.

Although her formal qualifications are in biomedical science, vocalist Irene Wilkinson has worked, for much of her life, in fine and performing arts, as a graphic artist, musician, singer, songwriter, radio producer with CBC, dance teacher, artistic and technical director, scriptwriter & choreographer, motivational speaker and in educational support for children at risk (she continues her work as a writer/presenter in this field and the results of her research are published in various educational journals). Irene travelled extensively throughout her native England and in Europe as part of the band “Hermanas” with her sister, Carole.

Tours of France, Spain, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Sardinia and Sicily led to the release of a record which made the top seller list in Sicily. She recorded and produced programs for the national network and introduced Canadian audiences to current popular music from other countries (“Pop Over the World”) exposing an underground and thriving jazz movement, in what was then the U.S.S.R., by means of a two-part documentary heard across the network on Jazz Radio Canada. One of her greatest passions is singing jazz.