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It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing: As the song says, jazz swings, whether it makes you want to dance, “mellow out” or sing along to the popular standards.

Jazz shouldn’t be intimidating — in fact, it’s one of the most popular types of music being performed these days. Functions from wedding receptions to large corporate events have successfully used jazz ensembles and are rebooking groups for their subsequent events.

Jazz lends a cool sophistication to your event, whether it’s a two-piece sax and keyboard ensemble or a piano/percussion duo. Other examples include: sax/keyboard/bass trio; piano/vocal duo; with flute and clarinet as popular additions to these groups. With the addition of a drummer, you can dance the night away…

Large ensembles (12-15 members) recreate the sounds of the Big Band era, performing the classic standards made famous by greats such as Bennie Goodman, Duke Ellington and others.

The choice is yours, and Nova Scotia’s finest musicians are available to fill your jazz needs.

Dave Staples

Dave Staples is a well known pianist, trombone player and music educator from Nova Scotia. Along with his duties as a teacher in the Halifax school system, he is also very active on the local scene as a freelance musician. He has performed with such national and international artists as Dionne Warwick, Bobby Curtola, Lena Boudreau, Kenny Wheeler, Mike Murley and Kurt Elling and continues to work with the best of the East Coast Music scene, including Scott Macmillan, John Chaisson, Ian Janes, Jeff Goodspeed, Tom Roach, Jamie Gatti, Nova Sinfonia and the Maritime Jazz Orchestra. (more…)

      Karen Myatt

      Karen Myatt has her grandmother to thank for her love of music.

      “She turned me on to the American Songbook when I was a youngster,” says the Canadian vocalist. “That, in turn, led me to discover jazz, blues, gospel, soul, and rock music.”

      After training at the Randolph Academy in Toronto and graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Myatt performed across North and South America. (more…)

          Daniel Matto

          Daniel began his musical training as a trombone player in his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. For seven years, he performed and toured throughout Australia, Sweden and Finland in big bands and other ensembles. Daniel then realized his true musical passion was singing and went on to study voice at the Australian Conservatory of Music in Sydney.

          As a jazz vocalist, Daniel had the opportunity to perform and mentor with some of Australia’s top jazz musicians including Joy Yates, Catie Halliday, Dave MacRae and Adrian Whitehead before embarking on his solo career. (more…)

              Mike Cowie

              Mike Cowie is a trumpet player, singer and songwriter in a funk/jazz/blues style.

              After the success of his Big Night Out CD, which brought Mike’s original jazz/funk based music to audiences in Canada and Europe. Mike has followed up with the release of his latest CD Lucid Blue. A stunning fusion of Miles Davis’ In a Silent Way period with hip-hop beats and electronica. Ten new Mike Cowie originals, combine computer/DJ soundscapes with his stunning trumpet tone. The funky beats, beautiful melodies and sophisticated chord progressions create a sound that is new, fresh and timeless. (more…)